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Exciting news awaits as we unveil the theme for our next Enchanted Fandom Book Box – "Fantasy Era"! Prepare to be transported to realms filled with trolls, giants, fae, and the timeless allure of fated mates.

At the heart of this enchanting box lies an indie book that promises to whisk you away on an unforgettable adventure. Immerse yourself in a world where magic reigns supreme and destinies intertwine.

But that's not all! Alongside this captivating read, your box will be adorned with extra goodies inspired by some of our most cherished fantasy novels. Picture yourself surrounded by the flickering glow of a themed candle, setting the perfect ambiance for your immersive journey. And what better way to savor the magic of storytelling than with a bespoke drinking vessel, designed to complement your reading experience?

We're delighted to share that some lucky recipients will receive signed copies of the featured book, adding an extra layer of magic to your collection. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, some books will come stamped instead of signed. Rest assured, each copy is imbued with the same enchantment and wonder.

Please note that books will be distributed randomly, ensuring that every box holds a unique surprise for its recipient.

Until then, may your imagination soar and your adventures be as boundless as the realms we explore together.


About the book: 

People travel to the Mountains for two reasons: death or diamonds. She isn't supposed to find love.

As a slave to the Giant King, her life is an endless torment. Her sole hope is to escape with her half-brother and find refuge among the elves.

The Troll King, is desperate. His people are dying, and he's running out of options. When the giants come for diamonds, his crystal sings.

The slave is the king's mate, and with her comes a solution to save his people.

Even after the king steals her from her masters, her one desire is to flee. She doesn’t see herself as the savior of the Trolls. She would rather die than be their queen, and, by extension, his mate.

Any amount of time with him is dangerous. His stolen glances and longing stares won’t make her forget the truth—if she stays, she’ll still be caged.

Note: This story is an adult/new adult novel with mentions of trauma, abuse, and illicit meetings between consenting adults, as well as other mature themes.


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Our book this month is by an indie author. We read this book and just knew you guys would love it. Each paperback book will be either signed or hand stamped


Boxes ship mid May


Fandom or Bookish Theme will be featured in every box
  • High quality handmade products from small business owners will be featured in each box
  • Each box comes with a Collectible recipe card
  • Exclusive items made just for that months theme
  • Each box will contain a retail value of at least 45$+
  • Each Box ships between the 15th and 25th of the following month. 
  • This is for a Bi -MONTHLY subscription and by signing up you are agreeing to be auto-charged bi-monthly for auto-box shipments until you cancel.
  • Boxes recharge on the 1st of every bi-month. 
  • Boxes ship the following month from recharge. 
  • All sales FINAL. No Refunds. You Many Cancel anytime but once payment for current month is processed it can not be refunded. You will still receive that box.