Enchanted Fandom was created by Jess, your everyday Fan-Girl. She started out crafting handmade items, such as mugs, wine glasses and socks based on some of her favorite fandoms. Her items have been featured in multiple articles such as Buzzfeed, The Berry, and The Huffington Post. The items she made were a bit different and she soon realized there were a lot of fun fandoms being left out of the craft world. She decided she couldn’t be the only one missing out on so many fandoms, so she launched her first exclusive box in April of 2017 which sold out in 30 mins. It was then that Enchanted Fandom was born. 

The idea was to have a place to include all fandoms in a box. There are so many different fandoms and some seemed to overshadow others which leaves a lot left behind. In the Enchanted Fandom box, you can expect to find fandoms from all different genres. This includes movies, books, TV, and pop culture; giving way to the motto: NO FANDOM LEFT BEHIND. 

Being a handmade crafter for so long, Jess wanted to make a place to support other small businesses. Each box features items from at least 5 small businesses each month. While making her dreams come true, she hopes to help other small businesses in the process.  

So, make your way down that Yellow Brick Road.  Travel through time and space in your favorite TARDIS. Do the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs. Grab your Floo Powder and find your nearest fireplace. Call on your fiercest dragon, and become an Enchanted Fandom Fan


Why "Enchanted Fandom"?

By choosing Enchanted Fandom, you not only immerse yourself in magical adventures but also support small shops, indie authors, and artists who bring their unique creativity to every box.

Want to reach us?

Email us any time at info@enchantedfandom.com. If it's about an order, please include your order number when you contact us.

Are you an author interested in being part of Enchanted Fandom?
https://forms.gle/rH9DxKoDD2u2dg517   fill out this form!