Fate & Seduction 2023

Fate & Seduction 2023



March's theme is: FATE & SEDUCTION

     Our Fate & Seduction box explores the power of destiny, the connections between people, and the ways in which love and passion can be seductive and compelling. It explores the idea that sometimes, even if we don't want to, we can be drawn to someone or something that we know isn't necessarily good for us. It also explores how we can find ourselves in situations that are beyond our control, or how fate can sometimes take us on a wild journey. Ultimately, this book and box are be a great way to explore the power of fate and the seductive nature of love. 

Book Plot: 

She’s an introvert. He’s devilishly handsome. But his grin hides a secret, and she has a destiny she could never have foreseen.

She has a knack for embarrassing situations. But unwittingly dancing in her underwear in front of the hot new neighbor is a whole other level of uncomfortable. Especially when the shy grad student dreams of him every night doing things to her way hotter than she could imagine.

He has been seeking her for twenty years. But though he’s sure the gorgeous girl-next-door is the one, the crafty incubus dare not reveal his intentions just yet. For with his endless quest almost at a climax, he needs to ensure it doesn’t come to a premature end.

As she struggles to balance her days with her steamy nights, she starts to suspect there’s more to her dream lover than his stunning body and legendary endurance. And as he becomes enthralled with her, he fears allowing the sweet woman to discover her true nature would expose her to unimaginable danger.

Is this a match made in Hell or a satisfying union?

This book is the sensual first book in the smoking-hot paranormal romance series. If you like irresistible men, demonic plots, and high heat, then you’ll love this book!

I would highly recommend this book if you're in the mood for :

  • Paranormal romance
  • Some very sexy demons 😉
  •  Female POV
  • A page turner and fast read
  • Definitely some spicy scenes here


Our book this month is by an indie author. We read this book and just knew you guys would love it. Each paperback book will be SIGNED!



No Refunds or Exchanges. Please purchase wisely.