In my Reading Era Box

In my Reading Era Box


Introducing: "In My Reading Era" - January's Book Box! 🕰

Prepare to immerse yourself in a literary journey like never before, as we kick off the new year with a theme that transcends time and space. This box, available for purchase starting December 1st, is a tribute to the diverse ERAS that have shaped the stories we hold dear.

What to Expect in January's Box: 📖 Featured Book: Dive into the enchanting world of a morally gray Fae King in a slow-burning tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Your exclusive copy comes signed by the brilliant indie author behind this mesmerizing creation.

🌌 Themed Items: Immerse yourself in a box filled not only with fandom-based treasures but also carefully selected reader-focused items. From immersive collectibles to practical goodies, each item is a nod to the fantasy reader in you.


About the book: 

When there are no other options, a bargain with the Unseelie King is always a way to get what is needed. After unpredictable circumstances all swirl together in MFC life to make it impossible to provide for her family, she realizes the only solution is to make a bargain with the immoral King of the Unseelie Court. She will service him in his court for a year and in return payment will be provided to her mother and sister each month.

The catch? Fae bargains are never as they seem. As she finds herself stuck helping the Unseelie King in a way she never would have agreed to, all she can hold onto is the promise that her family is being provided for through her actions. But just as the bargain is not what it seems, the infamously cruel Unseelie King is not what he seems either. Through a mix of hidden lies and raw truths, she has to fight to discover who the Unseelie King truly is while also fighting things she would have never imagined she would feel.

Will she follow through with her bargain or will it be too much for her to handle, landing her right back where she started?

You would like this book if you like
✨Slow Burn 
✨Witty Banter
✨Fantasy & Romance
✨ Enemies to Lovers
✨Hunger Games & ACOTAR Vibes

Our book this month is by an indie author. We read this book and just knew you guys would love it. Each paperback book will be SIGNED!

No Refunds or Exchanges. Please purchase wisely.