Free Pin F&Q

We have been saving all year to be able to give back to you!

Enchanted Fandom will be offering a free enamel pin to all qualify customers. For a limited time Enchanted Fandom will be giving away two free enamel pins. One for our Monthly Fandom box and one for our Monthly Drinking Vessel box. 
Both pins will ship with January's subscriptions. You must order January's box and qualify in order to get a free pin. 

How to qualify for a free enamel pin: 

To qualify for a free pin, each customer has to have purchased 6 boxes through out the year 2020. 
Either 6 Fandom boxes or 6 Drinking Vessel boxes. They can not be a combination. You must also purchase January's box. We suggest you read through all the F&Q section.  Not sure if you qualify? No problem. Reach out via email. 

What Fandoms are the pins?:

The monthly Fandom box
will include an enamel pin based off The NeverEnding Story. We are "Confident" you will love it! The pin design is by
The Drinking Vessel pin will be based off The Goonies. We have Chester Copperpot's key! This pin design is by PinsByChristine. She's the same designer who did the Luna pin banner and also our Hippogriff Drinking Vessel. 



1. How do I know if I have purchased 6 boxes of either subscriptions? 
Reach out via email. Please give us 24-48 hours to answer all emails. We expect higher than normal volume. 

2. I purchased 4 monthly boxes and 3 drinking vessel boxes will I qualify for a free pin?
 Unfortunately this offer is good for only customers who purchased 6 of one box. Either 6 Fandom boxes or 6 Drinking Vessel boxes.  You can however purchase Decembers box and then January's to qualify for the free Fandom box pin since you purchased 4 boxes already. 

3. I am one box off from 6. Can I purchase January's box to count as my 6 box?
Yes! We are letting January's box count. 

4. I purchased 3 Drinking Vessel boxes. How can I get a pin? 
We suggest purchasing a past box and also Decembers & January's box. This will bring you to the 6 you need. 

5. I only ordered one time boxes all year. Do I still qualify?
Yes! One time purchases count. 

6. I purchased boxes with a Rep Code or Coupon. Do they count?
Yes. Unfortunately boxes purchased during our spring/summer sale at half off will not count. 

7. Do I have to purchase January's box to get my free pin?
Yes! We will be sending all free pins out with your January purchase. If pins are not claimed but you qualify we will ship them in a first come first serve program through a google form filled out. Form to be sent via email if we have pins unclaimed. 

8. I know I qualify for a free pin. Do I need to reach out to you?
No, we will go through every January order and add the pins to all qualifying customers. 

9. What happens if January boxes sell out before I am able to purchase a box? 
If this happens we will send out a google form to customers. The pins we have that are unclaimed will be sent to customers on a first come first serve basis. We do suggest that you make sure your subscription is up to date so you do not miss out. 

10. I purchased 6 Fandom boxes and 6 Drinking Vessel boxes. Will I get both pins?
Yes as long as you order Both January's boxes. We will not be putting both pins to one box. 

11. I really want to The Neverending Story pin. Can I purchase Octobers, November's, December's and Januarys box to qualify? 
That is only 4 boxes. But if you have ordered 2 other boxes through out the year, then Yes this will qualify you. 

12. How long do I have to claim my box and or google form? 
Pins will be sent in January's box. After boxes have sold out we will up load a google form for the rest of the pins. You will have 7 days to fill out the form. Pins will be claimed in a first come first serve process. You must also qualify for a pin to receive it. After 7 days we will close the form. Extra pins may then be used for purchases via 

13. Will the pins be available for purchase? 
Only if all pins are not claimed. They will go on sale after all forms and boxes have been sent. 

14. I qualify for a free pin but do not want to purchase a January box. Can you just send me my pin?
Pins will be sent with January's boxes. Only if we have extras that are not claimed via January's boxes will we open it to customers who qualify. Customer will be responsible for filling out a google form and the pins will be handed out (shipped for free) on a first come first serve bases. There will not be extra pins held for anyone. 

15. Why are you giving away free pins? Will you be doing this again in 2021?
This is our way of saying Thank You for supporting us throughout the year 2020. We know it was difficult but you have made it a great one being there for us as a small business. If this is successful we will consider this again next year. We will get more feed back from everyone when our yearly feed back form goes out. 
Have more questions? Please reach out via email