Fantastic Beasts One Time Box

Its a magical time around here at Enchanted Fandom. We are doing our 4th one time box this year! This Fandom is one we are so in love with! We couldn't wait to put this together.

  • Each box will come with a Book Sleeve made by ThreeLittleCowGirls. Did you get our Bookstagrammer Essentials box? They were featured in that box and loved their work so much we needed to work with them again. 
  • Each box comes with a Item made by Fox & Wit! We love this shop so much! We have worked with Fox & Wit in the past and their items never disappoint.
  • Each box will come with a Wearable item worthy of  Newt himself! It will also include a Candle,  Jewelry items, plus more!!

Boxes will go on sale NOW! These boxes are not part of our normal subscriptions. They are a one time box and will ship mid November!


Special Add-On items

We realized we needed to include something special for the magical Fantastic Beasts in your life:

For an extra $10 you can add on an option for a Dog and/or Cat and receive 2 extra goodies for your magical beasts. Add on items must be purchased with a box and aren't sold separately. 
One item in each add-on will be hand made by
ElissaJDesigns and the other will be made by Piecedtogetherannie


Info Breakdown:
  • They are not part of the monthly subscription
  • No books are included in this box
  • Boxes will be limited and we will not have any extra after they are sold out
  • Boxes will cost $50
  • Add on pet items will be an additional $10. Cat and Dog only. You may purchase the Cat, Dog, or both option. 
  • Boxes will ship mid November 2018