Book Sneak Peek

May 2023 book picks are:


Our author this month is Crystal Rose. She has a BA from Indiana University and is currently working in corporate America. She is thrilled to finally be using her degree in Creative Writing to write books about alien mates and their exciting sci-fi adventures.

We are so excited for you to get these books and become part of this epic fandom world! Plus we know once you are in space... (haha) you will want to continue reading the next book in the series. 


Book Plot:


 Lunar Paradise:    Anna gets kidnapped from Earth and only has three options for survival; farmer, mechanic, or rut specialist. She's so touch starved that the idea of helping an alien through his seasonal rut sounds more appealing than it should.

Jaris is a Sirret male with social anxiety but when his path crosses with this human female his anxiety seems to melt away.

 Lunar Luxury:   Norvan:
I escaped my father to end up lying low as a farmer. The problem is I've grown up as a spoiled aristocrat. I don't know anything about working the land.

Maggie thinks I'm here to follow a passion for farming, and unless I want to blow my cover, I have to convince her I am who I say I am.

My life is perfect. I may have been abducted from Earth, but I've been given my own farm on a remote planet. Now I have a sexy blue alien roommate to keep me company. He claims to know how to farm, but his lack of skills says otherwise. 

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