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January 2023 book pick is:


the vernum city series book 1

Did you know this book is written by an Aussie Indie author and this book is currently a 4.6 star read on goodreads! We are so excited for you to get this book and become part of this epic fandom world!



When Caden stormed into my life, everything changed. The man with the piercing, emerald eyes and a wicked tongue. He dragged me from my world to the depths of his, exposing the underbelly of Vernum. It was dark, gritty, raw... He pushed me, showing me that not only could I survive the fall, but that he'd be right there, waiting in the darkness. My villain wants the heads of those dear to me. The heads of the city's biggest heroes. My masked vigilante wants everything I have to give, past, present, and future. We all have to make choices that define us, and Caden wants me to choose him.


When she walked by with a spine of steel and eyes like dangerous waters, I was drawn to her–the woman who held her tongue so tightly for others. The gatekeeper of something I desperately needed. I had to test her loyalty, push her to the edge to show her how strong she really is. I wanted to break her down and rebuild her into my own creation... my Little Witch, my sweetest obsession. I would offer her everything, and in return, I needed every piece of her. If she didn't, it would be taken. It was easy to fall for her... And it's going to make everything so much harder when I slaughter her heroes.


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