Journey to Middle Earth one time box

Journey to Middle Earth Box



Here are a just few hints of what you can expect...

  • Something to represent our favorite breakfast Hobbits!
  • Don't forget Arwen's Evenstar
  • An item to decorate your Hobbit-holes 
  • Matching set of kitchen table items 
  • Plus so much more!
We're also including items that we have never done before in any box. We were not joking when we said this box as been in the works for a while now. 

What are some Vendors and Artists we have been working with??
  • Nerdy Ink
  • Blissfullybookish
  • Myvalenstyles
  • Rolins
  • Mythic Glow Candles
  • Plus more will be featured. Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more hints and sneak peeks. 

 We can't help but make each box more exciting and precious than the last. If you've enjoyed any of our one time boxes or products in the past, we know you'll want this one. Plan and budget those gold and silver coins accordingly. Each box will cost you $69.99 plus shipping. 

Please note:
  • Rep codes will not be able to be used on these boxes. Nor will any other codes such as abandoned cart codes
  • Boxes will not ship till the end of September. 
  • Once order is placed there will be no refunds or cancelations. Please purchase wisely.