Bookish Wax Melts
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Bookish Wax Melts

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Wax melts

(Please note: If candles are ordered with a box they will not ship till the box ships. Please place a candle order separate from boxes to receive candles faster)

Listing is for 1 Melt in the scent you choose.
They are handmade with over 2.5 oz soy/paraffin wax blend.
Each wax chunk will last approx 4-6 hours (total for entire individual Wax Melt Tart is 24-36 hours). Each tart package measures approx 2.75" x 4.25".

Wax is in a plastic clamshell, separated into 6 small pieces. These are designed for use in a UL approved electric wax melter, or one that operates using a tealight. Use 1-3 pieces at a time, depending on the size of your wax melter. Proper use of your wax melter is your responsibility. Please read and follow all safety and operation instructions.

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