Enchanted Fandom Influencer Program

Do you love Fandoms? Do you always feel the need to show off and celebrate all Fandoms? Our Influencer program aims to help you spread your love of Enchanted Fandom.
The Influencer program is not replacing our Rep Program. This is a add on. All Influencers are required to make a purchase of there choice at 30% off. 
If chosen as a Enchanted Fandom Influencer, what do you receive?
  • Each influencer will receive a Unique made for you Discount code to purchase items. (30% off boxes and other items) Purchases are required to be an influencer.  
  • Influencer's will also receive a Unique discount code to share with all their followers. 
  • Influencer's will get a chance to receive free products
  • Influencer's will get updates on sales, themes and giveaways before they are announced

What is required from an Influencer?

  • List yourself as an Enchanted Fandom Influencer
  • Have your code listed in your Profile/Linktree
  • Share posts, Tweets, Stories about Enchanted Fandom
  • Blog Post Features/ YouTube Videos
  • Creative Photos
  • Positive Fandom Energy
  • Each Influencer’s sharing strategy and photos/posts will be unique to them, but requirements generally include a combination of the above.

The best part of this program?! YOU get to select the Enchanted Fandom boxes and items to feature! This is a great way to share your favorite Enchanted Fandom goodies for a huge discount!

How do I become an Enchanted Fandom Influencer??

That's easy... Just take our quick survey. Make sure to fill it out completely and give us the most information as possible to help us decide if you are a perfect fit for this program. 

Take the Survey to apply!

We can’t wait for you to become a part of the Enchanted Fandom Squad